Nutrition Therapy – A Healthy Lifestyle Without Pills, Shakes, or Gimmicks

Zizania is a nutritionist guided education and coaching company located in Fairfax County, Virginia. We help people look at food differently. We don’t sell any products such as supplements or shakes. There is no portion control or calorie counting, but a personal evolution towards cooking and eating in a way that better nourishes your body and increases your energy level.

While Zizania recipes and coaching have helped clients lower cholesterol, lose life-changing amounts of weight, and manage type 2 diabetes*, we still prefer not to think of Zizania as a diet because we coach people to find a healthy way to eat that they can sustain for a lifetime, not just a few weeks or months. We focus on nutrition education, not simply dieting plans.

*Based on daily blood sugar and A1C levels lowered (and sustained) from Diabetic to normal levels.

Zizania is a celebration of life.

What Healthy Eating Can Do for YOU!

Our nutritionists and education coaches can help you live a better life through a healthier diet.